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Friday, October 22, 2010

Selections From My Collection of 1960s Mall Post Cards: "Waiting for Godot" Series

 In these post cards of malls, an anonymous photographer caught folks waiting, waiting, waiting in climate-controlled comfort, including this fella at the Tacoma Mall, constructed in 1965. Dig those groovy clocks.

Scottsdale's Los Arcos Mall, constructed in 1969, demolished in 2000. Is that Vladimir and Estragon on the right?

 Florida's Winter Park Mall, constructed circa 1960, almost entirely demolished in 1997 (including the inverted mushroom-cap fountain).

Jacksonville's Regency Square Mall, constructed in 1967, "rejuvenated" in 1992. A poignant image if you click and look closely.

Lincoln Square Mall in Urbana, Ill., constructed in 1962.

Lloyd Center Mall in Portland, Oregon. This mall--in an open-air configuration--opened in 1960. What, one wonders (maybe a bit), is the story of the fella waiting on the bench.