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Friday, March 4, 2011

Arch Architecture in New York City

 East 58th Street and Fifth Avenue: Bergdorf-Goodman (1928) by Buchman and Kahn.

 44 Great Jones Street: Engine Company No. 33 (1898) by Flagg & Chambers.

 1 Hanson Place, Brooklyn: Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower (1927) by Halsey, McCormack & Helmer.

 393 Lafayette Street: DeVinne Press Building (1885) by Babb, Cook & Willard.

 171 West 71st Street: The Dorilton (1900) by Janes & Leo.

 50 East 87th Street: Park Avenue Synagogue (1925) by Deutsch & Schneider. The Hebrew inscription on the Moorish Revival arch is from Psalm 26 and translates as "I love your temple abode, the dwelling-place of your glory."

Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn: Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Arch (1889) by John H. Duncan, architect of Grant's Tomb. The sculptures are by Frederick MacMonnies and represent, on the left, the Army, on the right, the Navy.

 33 Liberty Street: Federal Reserve Bank of New York (1924) by York & Sawyer.

 655 East 90th Street: Asphalt Green Sports and Arts Center (1941) by Kahn & Jacobs. This parabolic-arched structure was once used for mixing the asphalt for New York City streets.

 5 West 63rd Street: West Side YMCA (1930) by Dwight J. Baum.

 3 East 95th Street: Former Mrs. Amory B. Carhart House (1913) by Horace Trumbauer.

225 East 80th Street: Hungarian Baptist Church (1893) by Fowler & Hough.

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