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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chic Black-and-White New York City Business Cards

This seafood eatery has two locations: 96 Second Avenue and 568 Amsterdam Avenue.

This restaurant has been has business since the late '70s and from Day One has used this logo, one of my all-time favorites.

Once at 442 Park Avenue, closed since 2007.

561 Columbus Avenue.

There are three locations: 700 East Ninth Street, 341 East 10th Street and 75 Ninth Avenue.

140 Ninth Avenue.

A good friend and a superlative designer, as evidenced by his card.

The calligraphy is by Bernard Maisner.

241 East 10th Street.

670 East 187th Street--in da Bronx.

Another eatery dating from the 1970s--and still with the same logo. Elephant & Castle is, of course, an area of London, and according to folk etymology, the name comes from the British corruption of la Infanta de Castilla.

11 West 31st Street.

127 West 26th Street.

143 Montague Street, Brooklyn Heights.

55 Third Avenue.

160 West 25th Street.

40 Avenue C.

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