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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not Reindeer, John Deere

 The first John Deere trademark with the leaping stag was registered in 1876 and has over the years been followed by seven variations. The latest, shown here, sprung into being in 2000. The tractor is a button. The screws on the corners are actually brads.

 A brad is a metal whatchamabob with tabs that fold back to hold papers. A couple of years ago John Deere put out a suite of three different kinds: Tractors . . .

 . . . the logo . . .

 . . . and tractor tires.

One yester-yule I received a John Deere pedal tractor, Model 20, manufactured by Eska, planting in me a life-long liking for the lucid design of the tractor. Perhaps in a nod to its brawn, this scaled-down model was cast iron and no picnic to move around on.   

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